PATHE Study Medicine is a Medical student placement division of ANC Education, Sri Lanka’s undisputed leader in Education. PATHE Study Medicine provides internationally and locally accepted Medical education at an affordable cost.

Dr. Harry Prasad (MD)

Hi, my name is Dr. Harry Prasad. Some years ago I was lucky enough to experience the wonderful hospitality of Vitebsk, a historic city of Belarus and its people, as a student of this world renown medical university...

Dr. Buddhika Witharana

Living and studying Belarus was a life changing experience. Not only did I receive a complete education, I also made many valuable acquaintances and met new friends who enriched my life.

Dr. Sajid Nazeem M.D

Studying medicine in Belarus was a great experience as it was set in a serene environment which helped us cope with the challenges it brought with, and guidance from our senior students as well as the guidance from PATHE Study Medicine ...

Dr. Svethlana Siriwardane M.D

As soon as I completed my advanced level in the science stream I was skeptical as to howI would proceedwith my higher studies, but I was interested in pursuing a career in medicine...

Dr. N Prasad Alahackone

I have been to many different places in the world, and even today, I claim that, Vitebsk is one of the most friendliest places I have ever been in my life, and I still call this beautiful city, my “SECOND HOMETOWN”,...

Dr. Nusra Niyas M.D

The student well fare is superb in VSMU, where all the students are treated equally and looked after very well by the university and team of PATHE Study Medicine which is in Belarus....

Dr. Bhagya Ratnayake

Without a doubt I believe it was one of the best decisions I have made. Vitebsk Sate Medical University is an amazing institution with an exceptional course in medicine for a period of six years. The professors are friendly. The hospitals are up to state and also very close to campus.

Dr. Umayanga Palandage M.D

Six years in Belarus prepared me to face the world as a proud graduate. The high standard of education is equivalent to those of any European University. The quality of life is both comfortable and affordable...

Duniyasha Gunawardena

My grandfather was a doctor. When I was very little, he died of a hemorrhage. We were in and out of the hospital and I saw his condition and the condition of many other patients - and their sufferings. There was this urge within me to help them ease their pain. That is when I conceived the idea... Read more

Vedushan Kanagarajah

I stared down at the sheet I held. It had my name and the grades followed. Not what I had hoped for but something I thought I could exploit. My passion for a career was split and I was led into a dilemma. Do I try to pursue law or step into the medical field? I always knew medicine would be a challenge, a challenge I wanted to conquer. Thus started my journey towards choosing a competent university and acquiring admission. Read more

Sasitha Samaratuna

From small age, I developed a deep passion to become a medical doctor. I like the hospital environment - and treat and comfort those who are in great distress. Read more

Dr. Champa Nelson

The employees of an organization are the representation of the values it stands for and in that sense I believe ANC - PATHE STUDY MEDICINE has done Read more

A. Yvonne Anesta

Every teenager's dream is for a fabulous future. "The best way to predict your future is to create it" says the great man; Abraham Lincoln. PATHE Study Medicine paved the way for me to create my successful future. Read more


I was in my final year of school when I first got to know about PATHE Study Medicine and how they help students get to various study destinations to the best universities around the world. Read more


I discovered PATHE study medicine through my colleagues who joined VSMU the previous year and just as they assured me, PATHE study medicine rendered their assistance and guidance right throughout I am sincerely thankful to PATHE study medicine.. Read more


It was just the right time when I found out about ANC/ PATHE through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and through friends. The counseling session they have on our first visit... Read more

M.S. Ferdinands

The medical field has inspired me since childhood. Growing up with the passion to be a Doctor, I realized my connection to service- growing through the years. I grew up with belief in my passion... Read more

Nikesh Vinayagamoorthy

All my life I have been looking forward to practice medicine. Since I was a kid I always wanted to be a superhero, and what better way to be a superhero than be a doctor. Read more

Senuri Bandara

As soon as I completed my AL's in the Bio Science stream, I was interested in perusing a career in Medicine. ANC which provides Internationally and locally accepted Medical education has helped me to select Belarus as my dream destination. Read more

Methni Kularatne

Medicine is the only profession that allows me to simultaneously help people while pushing my mental limits. It tests the limits of human compassion, memory, physical stamina, and resilience. And it is a nod back to the exact Read more

Shafiya Nawas

Truth be told during my O/Ls medicine was one of the few options in the back of my mind, and when it was time to choose my stream for A/L s I was definite on pursuing same. Each of our achievements need to be believed and supported by ones we count on and for me that such persons were my parents. They have been the back bone motivating me all the way, through all the bumps and rocks. Being a doctor is their dream as much as it is mine... Read more

Malshi Wijetunga

I’m blessed. Understanding large amounts of complex information comes easy to me and I enjoy learning so much. Having followed the maths .....
Read more

Shenali Kumarasiri

Medicine is the only profession that allows me to simultaneously help people while pushing my mental limits. It tests the limits of human ..... Read more

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