MMMC (Melaka Manipal Medical College) is the leading medical education provider and single most contributor of doctors to the 7th largest country in the world which has a population over 1.2 Billion. Since the college's inception in 1997, the college has steadfastly adhered to its commitment to improve the health care system in India &Malaysia by providing access to a range of medical courses delivered by the renowned Manipal University in India. Nestled within the tranquil surroundings of Bukit Baru, Melaka, The 22-acre MMMC campus is ideally situated close to town, and is a shining example of what modern campuses need to be. Balancing excellent academic facilities with equally important recreational avenues for students and staff, the campus has advanced classrooms and laboratories sharing space with a football field, a fully equipped sports hall and gymnasium, swimming pool and even a Zen room for relaxation and recharging.

MMMC is one of the leading academic health centers in the nation. Because of its excellence in education, patient care, and research, students travel from all over the region to take advantage of the many unique opportunities available. MMMC is committed to providing a curriculum which offers diverse learning opportunities. Students develop a broad range of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to practice medicine. A well-planned, highly effective curriculum taught by dedicated faculty member's places emphasis on the correlation between basic science and clinical science training. At MMMC, the commitment to excellence is one that is invigorated by life and tempered by ethical service to the country and mankind


Dr Ramdas M Pai

Chancellor of Manipal University

Having spent his entire life working with and for the Manipal group of institutions, Dr Ramdas M Pai views his home and workplace as extensions of each other, and believes the staff and faculty at the institutions are members of his extended family.

Award Winning University

Melaka Manipal has won the prestigious BrandLaureate Awards for Corporate Branding in Education (Medicine) & it has also got the 6 Star rating in MyQuest Health & Welfare Cluster (2011), Health & Welfare Cluster (2013), and International Students Readiness (2013). Thus Manipal medical qualification is considered as a well-recognized and one of the most prestigious medical degrees offered in the region. Manipal is ranked as the No 1 Private Medical College in India as well as ranked as No 2 in All India Medical Rankings.

Program Structure

The first phase of 2 ½ years (5 semesters) is conducted in the Manipal Campus in India. The basic sciences and pre-clinical subjects are covered in 4 semesters. During the 5th semester, students commence their clinical.The second phase of 5 semesters (2½ years) is at the Melaka Campus, Malaysia. Clinical training is undertaken at the Melaka General Hospital, Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Jasin Hospital, Tangkak Hospital and at the Community Health Centres. The academic programme is student-centered with emphasis on self-directed learning, group discussions and problem-based learning.

Programme structure

Phase I, Stage-I (Manipal Campus)

Anatomy Physiology & Biochemistry

One Year(Semester 1 & 2)

Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry

Phase I, Stage-II(a) (Manipal Campus)

Pharmacology , Pathology, Microbiology,
Forensic Medicine & Clinical Skills

One Year(Semester 3 & 4)

Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology &
Forensic Medicine

Phase I, Stage-II(b) (Manipal Campus)

Clinical Subjects

Half Year(Semester 5)

Clinical Exit Examination

Phase II, Stage-I (Melaka Campus)

Clinical Subjects

One and a Half Year(Semester 6 - 8)

Theory & Clinical Competency Examination

Phase II, Stage- II (Melaka Campus)

Clinical Subjects

One Year(Semester 9 & 10)

Comprehensive Examination in Clinical
Subjects (Theory and Practical)

Program Recognition

The MBBS programme is fully accredited by the Malaysian Joint Accreditation Committee and the Malaysian Medical Council. In February 2004, Melaka Manipal Medical College was included in the WHO directory of recognized medical colleges and also in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). The MBBS degree of Melaka Manipal Medical College is also recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council. Thus MBBS program conducted at MMMC opens the doors for global employment.

Facilities at MMMC

“MAP” – Manipal Museum of Anatomy & Pathology is the largest such museum in Asia where the students will frequently visit during their 1st phase of the program. Since the 1st phase of the program is conducted in India, actual cadavers are used for anatomy lessons and this is done in the dissection halls in groups. Health Science library is one of the largest in Asia and it consists of approx 68,000 medical books. E library facility is also available for the students to upgrade their knowledge with the modern trends. Food court at Manipal provides a greater variety of food for the students. AS MMMC admits lot of international students, menus are available for them to cater their exact requirements.

Accommodation Student Hostels

Facilities at MMMC are absolutely alluring for any students. Melaka Manipal girls & boys International Student hostels are located within the campus premises. Students are provided with individual air conditioned state of the art hostel room facilities with attached bathrooms, wi–fi , laundry and many more facilities. Main university building is just few footsteps away from the student hostels and the students don’t have to roam around and exhaust themselves.

Sports & Recreation facilities

Marina Gymnasium is a world class sporting facility equipped with a fully fledged gym, indoor running track, 5 indoor badminton courts , Tennis lawns, indoor football practicing facilities, indoor cricket pitches with balling machines, squash courts, indoor basketball court and many more. Also the “End Point” which is breath taking vicinity at Manipal is a great place for the students to relax and engage in outdoor sports and recreation activities.

Top Reasons to Select MMMC

  • Worldwide recognition
  • Almost 100% pass rate at ACT16/ERPM examination in Sri Lanka.
  • The time spent in India giving the student a strong exposure to Basic Sciences and morbidity patterns related to the socio-economic status and cultural practices of another country
  • Living in a multidisciplinary university campus at Manipal, and giving the student a unique cross-cultural experience and building confidence and independence
  • Becoming a part of an esteemed educational system with an international reputation and worldwide alumni
  • The clinical phase carried out in government hospitals in Malaysia where the students work with patients and staff from different ethnic backgrounds akin to their own. This allows for effective communication and rapport and seamless merger into the Malaysian health delivery system.
  • Preparing the students for global competition.
  • USMLE and MRCP training programs at MMMC prepares students to take up careers in USA and UK A wide range of recreational facilities
  • Excellent air-conditioned individual hostel accommodation with attached bathrooms & Wi-Fi
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